Liver Disorders

Liver disorders are on rise with changing lifestyle and daily habits of many individuals. Across globe, they have become a major health concern. Liver disorders affects efficiency of one’s body as it is a crucial organ that performs over and above thousands of functions in our body. In India, it is significantly on the rise and contributes to about 20% of the deaths that are related to liver disorders across the world.

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Liver performs vital functions in our body such as regulating metabolism, producing and activating enzymes, it stores essential nutrients, among others. Liver disorders leads to tissue damage in the organ that lead to malfunctioning in complete body. However, because of tissue damage it becomes very difficult for the liver to perform efficiently. If left unaddressed these may further progress on to complete liver failure.

Differentiation among Liver disorders

Fatty Liver

A condition in which excessive fat builds up over liver cells is known as fatty liver. If it occurs due to excessive alcohol consumption, then we call it alcoholic fatty liver disease. However, if it occurs in individuals with very less or zero alcohol intake, then it is called Non-alcoholic fatty liver. Fatty liver can cause liver inflammation further progressing to scarring and liver cirrhosis.

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Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis refers to the excessive scarring of the liver tissues. In this, the healthy liver cells are replaced by the scarred and damaged tissues. Scarred tissues become non-functional leading to organ damage. It is caused due to conditions like hepatitis or chronic alcoholism. It is very difficult to reverse this condition and after a point might lead to a non-functional liver. Only treatment approach for liver cirrhosis is healing liver.

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Liver Fibrosis

Accumulation of excessive matrix protein around liver tissue is called as liver fibrosis, which is a very chronic liver condition. Advanced liver fibrosis can lead to liver failure, and can even turn liver cancerous. This condition is worsened most by lifestyle factors that includes consuming alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating habits etc.

This condition might completely stop liver functioning that can happen suddenly due to some injury, accident, etc or might happen over a long period of time. It is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate medical intervention.

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Common causes of liver disorders

Alcohol Abuse

Too much alcohol intake can limit the liver’s capacity to regenerate liver cells, causing serious liver tissue damage.


Overweight and Obesity

Intake of too many calories as compared to the liver’s ability to break it down leading to excessive fat accumulation in the cells.

Type 2 Diabetes

High sugar levels in the blood damages mostly internal organs. It is also responsible for fat accumulation in the liver cells irrespective of little or no alcohol intake.


Exposure to Infected Body Fluids

This majorly occurs due to unprotected sex, sharing tattoo and piercing needles, etc.

Family History

If the issue of liver disorder runs in your family, then you can be at a higher risk of developing it.

Common Symptoms of Liver Damage


The patient might feel low on energy and tired most of the time.



This condition arises when the liver is unable to flush out bile pigments from the body causing yellow skin and eye.

Sudden weight loss

This is because the liver is not able to process and store nutrients causing weakness and weight loss.


Pain and tenderness in the liver area

Due to inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

Loss of Appetite

When there is liver damage, the hormones responsible for hunger are not able to function properly, reducing appetite.


Nausea and Vomiting

Liver damage can affect the digestive process, leading to nausea and vomiting.

Bruising Easily

A damaged liver can have difficulty producing enough clotting factors, increasing the likelihood of bruising and bleeding.


Weakness and Fatigue

Beyond general fatigue, weakness in the muscles can also be a symptom of advanced liver disease.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Disorders

According to Ayurveda, unhealthy diet and lifestyle are the main causes behind liver damage. Ayurveda recommends uses detoxification and purgation therapy to heal liver and liver cells internally. At SRIAAS, with best natural treatment, we aim for holistic healing of each individual that makes body completely healthy keeping a keen focus on liver. Ayurvedic liver treatment enhances liver cells functioning, helps rejuvenation of liver cells, promotes removal of toxins from body and improve overall functioning of liver. Our experts do this by fostering personalized treatment plans that are focused on body balances of each individual person that suits their condition the best.

1 Is liver disease curable?

Yes, liver disorders and diseases are curable provided you are ready to make necessary changes in your lifestyle, diet, etc. However, recovery time depends on the severity of the disease and the present health of the affected individual.

2 How do I know if I have a liver disease?

The symptoms of a damaged liver can range from swelling, weakness, fatigue, changes in urine color to jaundice. Be mindful of the changes that occur in your body. Also remember that, for some people it can be asymptomatic and might be detected only by a medical professional.

3 What quantity of alcohol is a safe limit for the liver?

There is no safe alcohol limit when it comes to the liver. In some cases, even a small quantity can cause severe damage. The best remedy is to eliminate alcohol intake.

4 What is the best diet for liver health?

A plant based diet rich in whole grains and fibers works well for the liver. It should be rich in fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Also, do not have food that has high amount of sugar to keep your blood sugar level in check.