5 symptoms of kidney disease – How to Identify?

5 Signs that your kidneys are not fine ‘Kidney diseases are progressing as 8th major cause of morbidity…

5 symptoms of kidney disease – How to Identify?

5 symptoms of kidney disease – How to Identify?

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5 Signs that your kidneys are not fine

‘Kidney diseases are progressing as 8th major cause of morbidity rate across the globe.”

Kidney failure is the most common reason people are becoming dependent on dialysis and transplant procedures worldwide. Have you ever thought about what possibly can be the reasons that the rate is increasing with pace? Read on to know ‘5 symptoms of kidney disease’ that will help you prevent it by the therapies defined under Chronic Kidney Disease treatment in Ayurveda. 

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What can be the first symptom of kidney disease?

Kidney problems or kidney failure don’t show their progression until the damage is severe or prominent enough to disrupt the renal system’s functioning. It may even start as a frequent cold & flu, but to be sure, we need to have a diagnosis for the same.

Observed often among kidney disease patients, the first sign that they have complained during CKD symptoms was swelling in their abdominal area and legs. It can be counted as a significant sign as it affects kidneys and the functioning of kidney-dependent organs like the heart, liver, pancreas, and urinary system.

How to identify the type of kidney failure?

How would you know if your kidneys are failing?

Kidney failure or renal failure will not come to you and say, “I am there”; you will have to identify it. As discussed above, according to the Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda, even a recurring mild cough & flu can be the symptoms of kidney disease. Similarly, there are a few significant symptoms that can help you identify kidney failure and the remedies to reverse kidney failure in Ayurveda.

You will start to experience weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc., when your kidneys are failing.

5 major symptoms to identify kidney disease:

  • Change in the color & urination pattern
  • Edema
  • Itchy Skin
  • Weakness
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns

Change in the color of the urine:

One of the most notable changes anyone can observe is the color and pattern change in the urine. When you are suffering from different stages of kidney disease or kidney failure, your urine will start to appear as if it is foamy, smelly, and a bit different in color than usual. You may find it weird when your urination pattern differs.

Different colors of urine would signify a different meaning. Dark-colored urine may indicate kidney failure because of kidney infection, kidney stones, urinary infections, etc.

Change in urination pattern:

Another significant change that you may observe is the frequency of urination. If you have started to urinate more often than usual or vice versa, then you might be at the strike of kidney disease. There can be possibilities signifying the presence of kidney failure when you start to urinate at night more often.


Edema or the swelling in the lower body is appearing because of fluid retention. In simpler words, it can be said that as the swelling increases in the body, especially in the lower body, you may have kidney disease. At times, it can also make your eyes and face look puffy and swollen.

Itchy Skin:

One of the most common symptoms you can observe is having dry and itchy skin if you keep yourself hydrated and moisturized. During the different stages of kidney failure, you may feel that you have itchy skin with or without red patches on the skin.


You may think it is the most common symptom during any disease; how would it be different to identify kidney failure? The difference is that your lower body starts to get drastically affected during kidney disease than any other body part. The organs in the abdominal area get weak, and so your legs and feet. You start to lose the ability to walk gradually and apparently become so weak that you cannot walk properly. In the cases where a kidney patient has diabetes, he is said to take extra care of his/her feet as they heal at a slow pace.

Disturbed sleeping patterns:

Another symptom of kidney disease or kidney failure is having disturbed sleep. A kidney patient will always find it difficult to sleep at night. Improper functioning in the body disrupts the sleeping patterns; it may make you stay awake all night or sleepy all the time. Generally, it happens when a person is going through the different stages of Chronic Kidney Disease.

The Closure:

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda explains a lot of therapies that can help with the healing process at different stages of kidney failure. But before doing anything as per the therapies, we must be sure that we are suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure only.

Different diagnosis processes are defined to affirm the presence of kidney failures such as KFT (Kidney Function Test), Blood Test, GFR (Glomeruli Filtration Rate) Test, Urine Test, and Kidney Biopsy.

In the cases of acute renal failure, the symptoms might or might not be visible as it is the spontaneous loss of the kidneys’ capacity to perform their functions.

The symptoms of kidney diseases can be managed with healthy lifestyle habits and a balanced diet chart.

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