Creatinine is a waste material build-up in muscles. It is made up of protein. The more heavy muscle a person has, the more Creatinine may build up in their muscles. As the more protein, a person takes, the more creatinine levels may increase in their body.

Tests for creatinine show how well the kidneys are working. When the kidney is healthy, they are able to filter the waste material and extra fluid from the body through urine. But when the kidney stop working or gets damaged, Creatinine starts accumulating in the muscles and causes many health issues.


People who take too many milk-made products like milk, pulses, cheese, and nonveg may increase the protein in their body that can also increase the Creatinine level. Kidney patients should avoid the source of protein-made products such as dairy products and nonveg. Patients can replace protein with carbohydrates.

Creatinine is an important chemical for the body to provide energy in muscles. But as we know, too much of everything is unhealthy. 


How high Creatinine levels affect our kidneys

A high creatinine level signifies rotten kidney function or kidney disease. In addition, a high creatinine level indicates that the kidneys aren’t working properly as they should. Creatinine levels that reach 2.0 or more in babies and 5.0 or more in adults may allude to severe kidney impairment. Men normally have higher creatinine levels than women because women have less muscle than men.

Normal creatinine levels:-

The levels of Creatinine depend on how much muscle a person has. 

 – For adult male – 0.9 to 1.3 mg/dL

 – For adult females – 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL

 – For children ages 3 to 18 years – 0.5 to 1.0 mg/dL

 – For children younger than age 3 – 0.3 to 0.7 mg/dL

Two ways to reduce creatinine level:-

  1. Stop the formation of creatinine levels in the blood.
  2. Excrete it out through urine.


Causes of High Creatinine levels


The kidneys help to filter all the waste material such as Creatinine and urea from the body through the urine. Organs or health affect when something in the body is not working properly, or something is becoming the reason for high creatinine levels. 


Here are some causes mentioned below:-


An increased level of Creatinine indicates kidney disease or problems. There can be many reasons for your creatinine level to rise, some of which are more serious than others, but all you need to do is to get your creatinine level back to normal by taking the right treatment along with a proper diet chart. 

1. Energetic exercise

Kidney patients are strictly not advised to do any heavy physical exercise as the creatinine build-up in the measles. Creatine is found in the muscles and helps them produce energy, but high levels can harm kidneys. Severe exercise can increase creatinine levels by increasing muscle breakdown.

2. Damaged kidney 

The damaged kidney is also the reason for high creatinine levels in the blood. When the kidney stops filtering the waste from the body, the high creatinine levels start accumulating in the body.

3. Increased consumption of protein

Creatinine is made of protein. So a high protein diet can increase the levels of Creatinine. For example, protein food like eggs, fish, red meat, chicken, and protein supplements contain Creatinine. So eating more than the prescribed amount of this food can cause high creatinine levels.

4. Dairy food

Dairy food like milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, and dried milk contains high protein. Therefore, overconsumption of dairy products can increase the levels of high Creatinine in the blood. 


Tips to control high Creatinine levels naturally

Our diet, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, is known as a regular activity. At one time, we can skip exercise, but not dieting. That’s why adopting a proper and healthy diet is so important for patients and everyone.

1.Take digestible protein 

Patients can replace protein with carbohydrates. It should be followed for 2 or 3 months; otherwise protein-free diet can make a person weaker. Patients can take pulses such as moong dal masoor dal moth dal because they are easily digestible and absorbable.

A protein-free diet like rice chapati, vegetables, fruits, and milk can easily be digested. Protein is most important for the growth of the body.

2.Eat whole fruit  

The doctor suggests eating the whole fruit instead of drinking juice because one glass of juice adds 3 to 4 fruits maximum, and one should eat only one fruit at a time.

3.Drink a sufficient amount of fluid           

One should not drink too much water or any fluid in one sip because it can be excessive in the body, and that may cause fluid build-up in the body. Kidney patients need to talk with their doctor to know how much fluid they should drink.

4. Add baking soda to the diet                                                                                                                     

Baking soda is helpful for some people with kidney disease. For them, baking soda makes bloodless acid, which slows the progression of kidney disease.

5.Yoga, breathing exercise                        

Regular breathing exercises (Anulom Vilom ) and yoga help control high blood pressure and also help to keep your body calm and active the whole day.

6. Herbal tea or green tea               

Tea is becoming an essential drink for everyone, but overconsumption of tea makes your kidney worse, so take herbal or green tea instead of tea or caffeine. Doctors also suggest their kidney patients take herbal tea. It is also known as ginger tea.

7. Treat the root cause of kidney disease

Patients need to take medicine that works on the root cause that can control high blood pressure and high sugar levels. When the root cause gets starts curing, the kidney will also start removing Creatinine through urine.

8. Limit the level of potassium

It would be best if you also tried to limit the level of potassium in the diet. If you are suffering from a kidney problem, you should avoid consuming high protein, high potassium foods because when they get damaged and don’t filter extra material from the body, this potassium can accumulate and place more pressure on the kidneys to filter out. 


Some precautions that a kidney patient should Adopt


  1. Avoid protein intake     

Kidney patients must avoid protein as it increases creatinine level and instead takes carbohydrates as easily digestible and absorbable. A patient can also take light proteins like moong daal, masoor daal, and moth dal.


  1. Avoid vigorously exercises                    

Muscular activity increases creatinine levels in the body; instead, the patient can perform breathing yoga exercises. Yoga also helps to control your stress level. Patients should avoid long-duration travel.


  1. Dont consume too much sodium diet

Too much sodium can lead to unhealthy fluid retention and can cause high blood pressure. Both of these factors can lead to high creatine levels.


  1. Avoid Fever                  

Fever can also be the reason of high creatinine levels. If you have a fever, the chances of increasing creatinine levels go up. So, patients need to avoid Fever and take care of their health.


  1. Avoid cold climate                           

Shivering in the body due to a cold atmosphere increases the level of Creatinine. Therefore, kidney patients are highly suggested to keep themselves warm. People with kidney disease may feel the cold even in a normal atmosphere as well. That’s the reason they are advised to be in a warm atmosphere. 


  1. Control high blood pressure               

High blood pressure is at the peak of all causes of kidney failure or shrinkage. Therefore, patients need to keep in control of their blood pressure. The diastolic blood pressure of a patient should be 70-80.


  1. Avoid over intake of salt          

High salt intake increases sodium content, increases blood pressure, and then damages your kidney. The patient must avoid salt or replace it with Sendha Namak. They can use a pinch of salt. 


  1. Avoid caffeine                    

A patient must avoid caffeine-containing drinks as it damages the kidney.


  1. Avoid too sugar                    

Diabetes comes after high blood pressure, the most common reason for kidney failure. The patient must avoid sugar intake to maintain sugar levels in the body.


  1. Avoid phosphorus-rich foods.

The kidney may have to face a lot of difficulties in processing phosphorus-rich foods, especially if the creatinine level is already high. Therefore, kidney patients need to avoid high phosphorus-rich foods in the diet. 



As you know, our improper diet also affects the kidney; in Ayurveda Kidney treatment, we are more focused on the patient’s health. Therefore, we provide preconized diet plans to each patient. If you have any queries to know more facts about controlling Creatinine, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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