Loss of muscle function or mobility in one or a few area(s) of the body is called paralysis. Treatment options for paralysis can include early diagnosis, natural medical intervention, and several therapies for improved function and quality of life.

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Role of Ayurveda in Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis is the state in which one or more muscles are unable to contract. Loss of feeling (sensory loss) in the affected area may occur after paralysis if both motor and sensory injuries are present.

The body may be completely paralyzed or just a portion of it. When a disease affects the entire body, it results in complete paralysis. When only one body part is affected, it is known as partial paralysis.

Ayurvedic paralysis treatment is the most well-established treatment for the disability sickness. Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord damage, brain injury, and stroke are the four most common causes of paralysis. Infections, environmental contaminants, and other brain problems can also result in paralysis.

Ayurvedic Viewpoint

Over the years, numerous treatments for this disability disease have been tried, but none of them have proven to be successful in curing the illness. But we think all suffering parents can and will benefit significantly from the magic of Ayurvedic sciences.

As an ancient branch of Indian medicine, Ayurveda refers to Paralysis as Pakshavadha or Pakshaghata, meaning that it is a disease caused by an imbalance of Vata combined with Pitta and Kapha. One of the three doshas, the Vata dosha, is limited to coordinating the body's voluntary movements. Damage to Vata Dosha increases the likelihood of Pakshavadha.

It strengthens Ojus, balances Vata-Pitta-Kapha, and adjusts Agni (dhatwagni, the digestive system and cellular metabolism). In the Pakshagatha, an Ayurvedic treatment for Paralysis, vivechana is regarded as being extremely important.

Signs and Symptoms

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  • Spasticity
  • Affected Motor Skills
  • Diminished muscle Tone
  • Speech Loss
  • Loss of Sensation
Paralysis Types

There are only four types of Paralysis that are most commonly seen across the globe, and they are all treatable with specialized Ayurvedic treatments. Despite their slight differences, they can be mixed up, and it is necessary to understand each of them.


Monoplegia, linked with cerebral palsy, affects a single limb due to impaired brain control over specific muscles in some cases.



Hemiplegia affects one body side, often limited to an arm and leg, while hemiparesis reduces limb strength but retains some function.


Paraplegia limits muscle control below the waist, varying in effects, often stemming from spinal cord or brain issues. Legs seem normal; Paralysis ranges from the lower torso to the entire body.



Quadriplegia renders all four limbs paralyzed due to disrupted signals between the brain and areas below the neck. Spinal cord involvement causes this condition.

On-time diagnosis and attention to successful Paralysis Treatment

Welcome to our esteemed Ayurvedic center, renowned for its global expertise in Paralysis treatment. At our center, patients benefit from 100% safe, organic, and herbal medications, along with personalized dietary plans meticulously curated by Dr. Puru Dhawan (BAMS), a leading expert in the field. Each patient undergoes a tailored Ayurvedic regimen, witnessing remarkable progress over time.

Our dedicated team of doctors promotes nature's potential, advocating holistic healing through customized diets, physiotherapy, occupational exercises, and comprehensive Ayurvedic treatments. We prioritize patient's well-being, regularly updating and fine-tuning treatments for accelerated recovery. Rest assured, our medications have zero adverse or side effects.

Our approach to Paralysis treatment extends beyond medicine, encompassing external therapies, activities, protein-rich diets, and lifestyle recommendations. Patients and caregivers can access informative videos offering diet insights and therapeutic exercises, empowering them on this healing journey. Join us in embracing nature's miracles for a transformative recovery from Paralysis.