Affects of allopathic medicine on kidney

Nowadays people are becoming habitual of taking regular medicines like pain killers, antibiotics and multiple medicines for multiple…

Affects of allopathic medicine on kidney

Affects of allopathic medicine on kidney

April 15, 2021 No Comments

Nowadays people are becoming habitual of taking regular medicines like pain killers, antibiotics and multiple medicines for multiple diseases, and so on. As we all know taking multiple medicines damaging our organs rapidly. Allopathic medicines are known as quick reactive chemicals because of lack of patience, people are chasing quick satisfying things. Just because of having the huge combination of morbid chemicals it affect all internal organ, also affect the functioning system of the main organ that causes more disease like heart disease, lungs disease and lifesaver organ kidney disease or kidney failure.

Following 5 most important facts  Why allopathic injurious for the kidney?

1.  Addicted
Kidney Patients used to take allopathic as these are the quick-relief –medicine. They can’t skip even a day without medicine because in some worst disease they have to take it to keep in control like diabetes.

2.  Lifelong
When patients start allopathic treatment, doctors suggest them to continue the medicines even after dialysis or transplant. Patients become dependent on medicines to live.

3. Chemical reaction of allopathic
Taking multiple medicines affects the kidney most because allopathic medicines are a combination of many chemicals. As they start reacting, a chemical explosion happens which destroys the human body organs such as the liver heart, and kidney the most.

4. Damaging healthy cells
Allopathic known as a kind of drug. A regular dose of medicines can destroy healthy cells. Healthy and strong cells help to protect the surface of organs and the body from damage.

5. Affect natural functions of the body
The body is like a machine and the organs are the parts of that machine that work naturally if we put healthy material in that. 

The kidney also damages by taking allopathic for another disease

Kidney damages when they stop working the way they should it happens because of having another disease like high blood pressure, diabetes, and sudden injury in the organ. As we know High blood pressure and diabetes are the most common cause is kidney failure, the worst thing is that people are moving on allopathic to cure their disease swiftly, these symptoms and taking allopathic make kidney more worst. First, it starts affecting and in the end it stops working.

Allopathic treatment in kidney failure             

As we know how? Allopathic treatment is becoming hazardous for our kidneys but still, people are searching for the best surgeon, why surgeon?  Because of allopathic treatment, they can’t restore the kidney from damage; they make kidneys worst by taking multiple types of allopathic medicine and eventually they suggest dialysis and transplant. After the transplant, they still concern to continue the medicine. Because they already know that kidneys can’t be cured by the allopathic treatment that’s why they remove the organ.

The kidney can be cured in Ayurveda and start its work the way it should. At the end of the treatment patients, feel a renewed sense of wellness and good health without removing the kidney.

Here are the top 5 benefits of Ayurveda treatment for kidney failure

1. No transplant No dialysis
Ayurveda is a healing process, there is no option of transplant and dialysis because It believes to cure the damage from roots. Ayurveda works at the root not to cut off the root.  It works deep down in the disease.

2. Rescue functioning process naturally
Thousand years of practice and experience – Ayurveda Kidney treatment revivifies the functioning process in the kidney naturally because Ayurveda is so deeply effective.

3. Changes level of creatinine and GFR
Ayurveda helps to reduce creatinine & urea levels and increase GFR levels naturally and stops CKD progression and build on kidney function which is apparent by the reduction in serum creatinine and blood urea levels.

4. Focus on a healthy diet
As we know our body parts are connected, so Ayurveda medication focuses on everything related to the disease. A proper and healthy diet is the first step in treating any disease.  In Ayurveda Kidney treatment, patients get a proper healthy diet chart According to the condition of the disorder.

5. No side-effect on other organs     
Ayurveda has no side effects on other parts of the body rather it helps to keep other parts of the body healthy as well. 

6. No chemical – natural remedies only
Ayurveda medicines are made from herbals minerals and natural remedies. There is no harmful material included in medicine.