The Best kidney Clinic in Delhi has the aim of reducing creatinine and improving GFR naturally. SRIAAS, led by Dr. Puru Dhawan, provides the best Ayurvedic kidney treatment with the help of plant-based medicines and a personalized diet chart to help the patient stay healthy so that the kidney can restore its functions efficiently.

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs that perform essential functions to keep the human body healthy. The kidney’s primary function is to remove toxins or waste. Acting as a natural filter to flush out waste and produce urine, kidneys also support the heart, liver, and pancreas functioning to prevent complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes. As soon as a kidney stops working as efficiently as it should, it becomes a bad sign for a healthy body, so if you are worried about your kidney’s functions, you must look for the best kidney clinic in Delhi.


Functions that kidneys perform – explained by the best kidney clinic in Delhi:

  • Production of urine: Kidneys balance the fluids and transfer the purified blood to the heart for better circulation in the body. The filtered waste or urine is transferred to the uterus, which later excretes through the urethra.
  • Eliminates waste and extra fluid: Kidneys help with the functioning of urine production. They filter waste from the blood and keep a balance of fluid in the body. The filtered waste is transferred through the ureter to the urinary bladder, which is later released through the urethra. 
  • Controls the body’s electrolyte balance: Kidneys are the natural filters in the human body that filter wastes and maintain electrolyte balance. 
  • Controls blood pressure: One of the important tasks of kidneys is to filter the blood. Cleaner blood will help with the normal blood flow, but if it isn’t being filtered properly, it may create complications leading to high or low blood pressure. 



How does kidney failure occur?

Kidney failure occurs when kidneys stop performing their functions properly. The reason behind decreased kidney functioning can be high blood pressure, diabetes, interrupted blood flow to the kidneys, and related disorders. Kidney problems can develop both ways, sometimes it takes years (chronic kidney disease), and sometimes it develops rapidly (acute kidney disease). With the help of the best Ayurvedic kidney treatment at the best kidney clinic in Delhi, renal failure can be cured most of the time. But if proper action is not taken timely, then it can become severe over time.


Specialized treatment at the best kidney clinic in Delhi


SRIAAS kidney hospital: The best kidney clinic near me provides the best ayurvedic treatment to cure the root cause of kidney disease. One of the best kidney doctors near me, Dr. Puru Dhawan, has cured more than 42000 patients suffering from kidney disease with his best-specialized Kidney Function Restoration Treatment at the best kidney clinic in Delhi.


How does the treatment work?

The best kidney clinic in Delhi, SRIAAS kidney hospital, provides plant-based treatment, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have access to the enjoyment of your life.


Plant-Based Medicines

The best kidney clinic in Delhi provides plant-based medicines to the patient suffering from any kidney disease. Talking about plant-based medicines are the composition of herbs like coriander, parsley, mint, etc. One of the most beneficial aspects of this treatment is, it is 100% natural & safe and has no side effects.


100% Natural Treatment

Any kidney patient needs to control the functioning of the disease at the earliest. Hence, at the best kidney clinic in Delhi, doctors provide 100% natural remedies, customized diet plans, and curated therapies. For any kidney disease, a patient’s diet plays an important role, as it has a significant impact on lifestyle. Hence, the best kidney doctor near me suggests a customized diet based on the function and stage of kidney disease. Kidney Function Restoration Treatment (KFRT) doesn’t include any artificial process such as dialysis and transplant as our main aim is to stop kidney dialysis and transplant.


No side effects

Ayurveda is the best to cure the root cause of kidney disease as it does not have any side effects on the health of the body because the medicines are made from plants. Therefore, Ayurveda not only helps in curing the disease for a short period, but it also helps in curing the disease for a lifetime. The medicines provided at SRIAAS kidney hospital are composed under the strict supervision of Dr. Puru Dhawan.


Doorstep delivery of medicines

People are usually busy with their work these days, and there is no time to search for medicine, so here the best kidney clinic in India has the solution for you, as we deliver the medicine at home considering all the precautions and safety.


Curated therapies

Our lifestyle directly affects the physical and mental health of our bodies. And if we are not leading a healthy life, it can lead to many physical and psychological health problems, or any of these problems can cause kidney problems. Hence, at the best kidney clinic in Delhi, the best kidney doctors near me provide the best-curated therapies to manage slow metabolism, weak immune system, and overall body functions.


Best nephrologist at the best kidney clinic in Delhi

Dr. Puru Dhawan is one of the best Nephrologists in Delhi. Till now, he has cured more than 42000 patients. SRIAAS Kidney Hospital, under the guidance of Puru Dhawan, is one of the best kidney clinics in Delhi. Dr. Puru Dhawan is the best in his profession because he gives multiple solutions based on the condition of the patients as his ideology states to ease the root of kidney disease by suggesting the best possible ways of healing to the patient. Dr. Puru Dhawan helps improve the kidney functioning of the patient by providing a customized diet and curated therapies to increase GFR and reduce creatinine from the body. The results of kidney treatment with the help of Ayurveda can be seen within a month.


Treatments we offer at SRIAAS

Chronic kidney disease

Today, Kidney diseases have become so common that it is emerging as one of the main reasons for increased mortality rates. Every 3rd person in a group of 6 is a kidney patient. Some have inherited, and others are because of their bad eating habits, allopathic medications, and misuse of natural herbs. 


Acute kidney disease

With the sudden inability to filter the blood, the waste material builds up to dangerous levels. Due to which the chemical composition of the blood becomes unbalanced, this condition is called acute kidney disease.


IGA Nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is the accumulation of protein-type IgA. During this disease, the number of proteins increases in the blood that causes inflammation in the body. Though the exact cause of IgA nephropathy is yet to be discovered, one can manage the kidney’s functioning capacity with Ayurvedic prevention techniques. 


Polycystic kidney disease

The leading cause of polycystic kidney disease is the growth of multiple fluid-filled cysts on the kidney membrane. These cysts weigh around 20 to 30 pounds and can damage kidney function leading to many kidney problems. It can be genetic or non-genetic, depending upon the cause. 


Nephrotic syndrome

There are multiple definitions to this disease, but it is a collection of kidney disease symptoms that gradually obstruct renal functioning. When an excessive amount of protein starts going into the urine, and there is a lack of protein in the body, it can be considered nephrotic syndrome. It is a kidney disease, which is most commonly seen in young children. Although adults can also suffer from it, most widely nephrotic syndrome occurs in children between 2 and 6 years. A proper diagnosis can help with the identification of Nephrotic syndrome.


Why choose SRIAAS:-

SRIAAS is one of the best kidney clinics in Delhi as it provides the best ayurvedic kidney treatment to people suffering from kidney-related diseases. Ayurvedic medicine is free from any side effects and shows results within a month. So to get the best kidney treatment without dialysis, book an appointment with our doctors now.

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