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Kidney diseases and our Ayurvedic Dialysis Treatment

NATURE CAN CURE ANY DISEASE. Our Ayurvedic expertise helped a stage 3 kidney patient get better and that’s just a drop in the ocean.

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Kidney diseases and our Ayurvedic treatment shield!

Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition where people begin to lose the functionality of their kidneys, slowly.  Other kidney damages can be non-fatal but may bring some permanent damages in the body. And yes, there are many medicines and treatments but we believe that nothing is better than natural ingredients. Our doctors are highly skilled experts and offer Ayurvedic Dialysis Treatment.

With Dialysis you might be able to perform some of the functions that your kidneys can no longer do. It is necessary for us to know that Ayurveda is the best way to go for treating damaged kidney tissues. Not just that, it is a go-to option to ensure that damaged kidney cells get their health back.

Ayurveda has the potential to reverse kidney failure from every stage without introducing any side effects to the damaged area or the body.  Tons of patients, all over the nation, and all around the globe have showed their faith in us – and that is one thing that keeps us going. We’ve seen great results of dialysis treatment and we thrive for more.

We don’t just prescribe, we understand – we don’t just treat, we succeed.

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All-Natural Lifestyle – Potentially increase the Life span of Every Being…

Ayurveda is rooted in the history of our nation and we believe that it has the potential to become a reliable source of treatment for all diseases. Dr. Puru Dhawan, an expert Ayurvedic Nephrologist, is the glue that holds us all together and can help you can be adept to a healthy lifestyle. He is a certified Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) from the esteemed University of Delhi, India and has been practicing since 2010.

“AYURVEDA is an all-natural lifestyle that can potentially increase the life span of every being on the planet.” SRIAAS – SR Institute of Advanced Ayurvedic Science has been built upon the vision to promote healing with nature and it has already been set in motion. The treatments you’d get here is directly from the roots of our country and culture, which can now be available to every individual visiting the facility or getting in touch with us.

Why should you consider us?

Complete Transparency

  • The first step is always to help you believe in us so we share our success stories
  • Discuss with you the ingredients we use for treatments and allergy risks
  • We know recovery is possible but we don’t lie and don’t make any hollow promises

Diet Customizations

  • You are and always will be our priority – diet plans will follow your betterment and preferences
  • We will listen to you along with screening the health reports from the tests we’d prescribe you
  • Focusing on likes and dislikes will be one of the most important things when it comes to diet
  • We have to ensure that you get enough nutrition and strength to recover along with taste

Order and Deliveries

  • We are happily delivering natural health treatments all around the world
  • We have made it easy for you to connect with us through social media channels
  • Adding to a great experience we also offer quick doctor consultations
  • Once you have the prescription, you need to place the order, receive it and start your treatment

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