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Why Choose Us?

Our specialized team of nephrologists provides a natural ayurvedic treatment for your problem. Our experienced doctors are expert in treating various kidney diseases. We provide effective and natural treatment which will surely help you to cure polycystic kidney disease.

Well Experienced Doctors

SRIAAS has a well-experienced doctor’s team in kidney specialization. Our doctors personally cater to every patient & customize a therapy personalized for the patient, We ensures that patient’s problem is addressed

Free Consultation

SRIAAS provides a free consultation facility for patients with kidney disease. Kidney Patients feel free to contact our doctors to get the proper knowledge about treatment. Our doctors are here to support you in every.

Weekly Follow Ups

At SRIAAS, there is a follow-up at every 7 days, taken by our Ayurvedic Kidney Specialist Doctors. also We ensure that every progress in the patient’s record is noted and analyzed. So, we regularly keeps a check on our patient’s progress.

No Side Effects

Unlike other options, herbal treatment does not have any side effects on your body. It eliminates the root cause of the disease without weakening the immune system.

Visible Results in a Month

We promise to provide positive results within a month of treatment. We have best kidney doctors also, Our medicines works on the core and underlying issues of the diseases and cure them.

Personalized Diet Plans

We provide specially curated diet plans according to patient’s disease severity. We believe that food is medicine, a targeted and balanced diet will cure the problem.


How does Kidney Function restoration treatment work? Kidney function restoration treatment works in three stages. First, under KFRT we have to remove the cause for Kidney Failure, as 80 % of Kidney failure is caused by either High blood pressure or Diabetes, as the cause of kidney failure comes under control, no further damage happens, and progression of creatinine levels stops.

In the second stage- Kidney Functions Improves by the use of KFRT medicines, as told earlier the kidney has the power to improve its functions as per body needs, we at SRIAAS with the help of KFRT improves the Functions, resulting in a lower level of creatinine and high GFR.

In the third step- as levels come lower, stability in creatinine level is very important, for that with the help of Kidney function restoration treatment we have to work on each and every cell of the Kidney so that lower creatinine levels can be maintained and no progression of disease happen again in future.

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